15 Terms Often Used By Cave Divers


This article will provide interesting information about the phrases and terms often used by cave divers. Cave divers have developed a rich lexicon of terms to characterize the underwater tunnels they explore. Some come directly from geological terms, while others come from local jargon. Some Terms Commonly Used By Cave Divers Below you will find …

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7 Factors Threatening Cave Water Quality


This article describes the factors that can affect the quality of cave water. Thus, we will be more aware of how important it is to keep our earth clean from contaminations that can damage its sustainability in the future. Several Factors That Caused the Decreasing of Cave Water Quality Along with the development of lifestyle …

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Types of Underwater Caves You Need to Know


Through this article, I want to tell you about the types of underwater caves. A cave diver’s knowledge of the actual environment is improved by having a fundamental perspective of geology or even cave structure. Basic information helps the diver make better risk analysis decisions, helps with navigation, and increases diving pleasure. I give this …

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Analysis of Cave Diving Accidents

Cave Diving Accidents Analysis

Understanding the analysis of cave diving accidents is crucial for divers to prevent their recurrence in the future. In 1973, a famous cave diver, Sheck Exley, expressed concern about the increasing number of divers deaths in caverns. Exley, who works as a high school math teacher, is very fond of it; others have even said …

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Guides for Traveling Cave Divers


In this article, we will give you guides for traveling cave divers, especially if you are new to visiting new spots and you have no diving experience in those places. 1. The Importance of Understanding the Local Area Before You Start Diving Divers should learn as much as possible about the local area before exploring …

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Cave Divers Training Around The World

Cave Divers Training

If you want to know about the official organizations that provide cave divers training in various countries, here is the information we can give you. The National Speleological Society – Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS) The National Speleological Society (NSS), founded in 1941, is an organization that brings together many people committed to the study, exploration, …

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Basic Cave Diver Training You Need To Know


Most training organizations use the phrase Basic Cave Diver to refer to the 2nd step of training as an advanced level of the Cavern Diver training. It is possible to complete this training stage with one tank equipped with a dual output valve such as a Y or H valve or even two separate tanks. …

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Definition of Cave Diving and Its History

Definition of Cave Diving and Its History

What is the definition of cave diving? It is a sub-category of technical diving in which divers use specialized equipment. It allows for investigating natural overhead locations that are at least partially filled with water. The cave is a popular location for cave diving. Cave divers can trace their origins back to dry cave sports, …

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Cavern Diver Training Class [Understanding and Equipment]

Cavern Diver Training Class

If you are a beginner and want to become a cave diver, taking a Cavern Diver training class is a great starting option. There are several tiers of cave diving training. Requirements may differ from one training facility to others and from one stage of an organized program to the next, so it’s essential to …

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Reduce the Risk of Cave Diving: Developments For Equipment And Safety


Improved support equipment and safety awareness of divers can reduce the risk of cave diving. Find a more detailed explanation here. Risk of Cave Diving You Need To Know Cave diving can provide an extraordinary experience, but you must always be prepared for the risks you face. The new record for cave exploration was set …

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